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Latest update


  • Text will appear clearer.
  • Hundreds of new items!
  • Dozens of new levels to choose from
  • Double your income with new power ups!
  • General bug fixes.
  • Spelling mistakes corrected.
  • Some items now have the correct color label.
  • The ocean is now fits every screen.

Update 0.4301


  • Added the ability to reveal all likes and dislikes of a house.

Update 0.4290


  • Dozens of new items added.
  • You can now challenge friends to win pearls.

Update 0.4219


  • Ratings view added! This view allows you to see ratings and rewards for each house.
  • Added dozens of new window cards!
  • Balancing changes. It's now easier to earn gems.
  • Better graphical feedback.
  • Tutorial changes.
  • Social button added. This allows you to chat with friends.

Update 0.4082


  • Fixed an issue with items disappearing.
  • Power-up now works better.
  • Button and pop-up to promote Castaway Paradise added.
  • Each side of a tables should have the same color.
  • Adjust theme settings for Modern items.
  • Text in the Reward tab should change after completing the objectives.
  • Particles should appear when unlocking a house or when a house is available to be unlocked.
  • Lower difficulty of the game by reducing rarity requirements.
  • First few packs needs to have 1 item in each category.
  • Inventory shows now shows 4 rows on iPhone 6.
  • "Remove item" icon in tutorial message for remove boxes.
  • As long as you have unopened packs the exclamation mark should be shown on the store icon.

Update 0.4001


  • Removed the requirements for exotic items from quests
  • Added power up to get 50x as many gems
  • Castaway characters in the game menus
  • Increased the size of the region gem collection interface
  • When ad is unavailable a message will be shown
  • Side bar buttons now contain text
  • Save files now sync via iCloud
  • Watching an ad will update all ad costs
  • Replace Theme Prefabs with more iconic ones
  • To balance the game better players will be able to get more gems
  • Coffee bar now has ratings
  • Multiple items on beaches are no longer floating
  • iPad 2 shows text heights incorrectly

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